Change can be stressful. Here are some resources to make the process of searching for the right living options and services a little easier for you and your family members.

Useful Links

  • Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) - Your local AAA can counsel you about possible resources, including services available in your home, or the process for conducting a functional assessment if you believe a higher level of service may be necessary.
  • Pennsylvania Insurance Department - The Pennsylvania Insurance Department certifies all types of insurance in the commonwealth and is a good resource if searching for Medicare gap coverage or long-term care insurance options.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health - Through a variety of avenues, you can find quality and licensure information about nursing homes, home health agencies and home care agencies or search for local providers.
  • Social Security Administration - Apply for benefits, get your Social Security statement, get a benefit verification letter and even change your address.
  • 2018 Benefits & Rights for Older Pennsylvanians - This comprehensive PDF document, published by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, is a handy resource that offers an overview of senior services available in the Commonwealth.
  • How to Help Protect Older Adults From Telephone & Internet Scams - Our national partner, LeadingAge, developed this guide to educate seniors and their caregivers on some of the most common telephone & internet scams which target seniors and how to avoid falling prey to the scammers if you or a family member are contacted.
  • Employment Ideas for Post-Retirement Seniors - Tips about part-time employment for retired seniors who are considering returning to the workforce.


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