Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Since 1949, May has been observed by Mental Health America and many other organizations as a time to promote mental health screenings and the de-stigmatization of diagnosis and treatment options.

How often do you consider your mental health? For many of us, consciously taking stock of our mental health status may not happen as frequently as other well-being appointments like dental visits or routine blood work. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year, with suicide being the second leading cause of death among people aged 10-34. Alarming, right?! With the severity of these stats, it's hard to believe that the topic of mental health can still be stigmatized and often left out of routine doctor visits.

Prior to joining Benecon and ConnectCare3, I spent several years working on an inpatient mental health unit witnessing the transformative power that mental health treatment had on many lives. Working in mental health opened my eyes to the importance of including mental health screenings as part of a yearly health maintenance plan. When mental health becomes part of the overall wellness conversation, we can hopefully make strides in decreasing the instances of untreated mental health crises and suicides.

For LeadingAge PA members that are part of the Retirement Community Health Plan of PA (RCHP), you have access to ConnectCare3 through your health insurance benefits. ConnectCare3 is a team of patient advocates, registered nurses, certified health coaches, and a registered dietician. CC3's clinical services and team approach help guide RCHP-covered employees (and their dependents) on their health and wellness journey by providing support to navigate the complexity of the health care system.

ConnectCare3 recognizes the importance of mental health and developed many resources that have been so valuable in response to the challenges of mental stressors of the past year. We invite you to learn more and share:

Making Sense of Mental Health
Mental Health 101
Seven Ways to Improve Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing
Mental Health Statistics Quiz
Mental Health Providers

On behalf of Benecon and ConnectCare3, in partnership with the Retirement Community Health Plan of PA, we wish everyone success on their health and wellness journey!

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