Staff Directory

Bleiler, Heather_website resize (Website).png
Heather Bleiler
Manager, Education & Research
Carden, Christina_website resize (Website).png
Christina Carden
Senior Director, Communications
Dierling, Tiffiney_website resize (Website).png
Tiffiney Dierling
Executive Assistant
Dolan, Heidie_website resize (Website).png
Heidie Dolan
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Evens, Tracy_website resize (Website).png
Tracy Evens
Assistant, Government Affairs
Fahrer, Sharon_website resize (Website).png
Sharon Fahrer
Director of Special Events
Goodman, Georgia_website resize (Website).png
Georgia Goodman
Director, Government Affairs
Greenberg, Beth_website resize (Website).png
Beth Greenberg
Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs
Heisey, David_website resize (Website).png
David Heisey
Manager, Value First
Henry, Anne_website resized (Website).png
Anne Henry
Senior Vice President & Chief Government Affairs Officer
Hudak, Jon_website resize (Website).png
Jon Hudak
Manager, Data Analytics
Lake, Marianne_website resize (Website).png
Marianne Lake
Senior Director, Education & Research
MacDonald, Natalie_website resize (Website).png
Natalie MacDonald
Director, Corporate Partnerships
Marles, Adam_website test prof (Website).png
Adam Marles
President & Chief Executive Officer
McDermott, Erin_website resize (Website).png
Erin McDermott
Manager, Workforce Initiatives
Reese, Luanne_website resize (Website).png
Luanne Reese
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Sciukas, Laurel_website resize (Website).png
Laurel Sciukas
Manager, Communications
Sheaffer, Randy_website resize (Website).png
Randy Sheaffer
Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
Stedjan, Megan_website resize (Website).png
Megan Stedjan
Director, Member Engagement

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