NorthStar 2.0

Introducing Northstar 2.0 - Our Envisioned Future of Senior Services

Adults are living longer, healthier lives with greater purpose and meaning in their "home" environment, however they define home. Consumers and their families are able to smoothly self-navigate through a comprehensive and coordinated set of exceptional services. Financial sources and government regulations allow people of various financial means to access a choice of services facilitating their desired quality of life. They are able to access these services when they need them and, whenever possible, where they would like to receive them.

LeadingAge PA's NorthStar 2.0 articulates our envisioned future of senior services for Pennsylvania. Comprised of eight points centered on a leadership and consumer focus, the NorthStar 2.0 provides a strategic framework for senior service providers to position their organizations toward long-term sustainability and success.

Our newly published NorthStar 2.0, revised to reflect the new challenges, shifts and trends in our profession, is an update to our original NorthStar document released in 2006.

We invite you to learn about NorthStar 2.0 and our envisioned future of senior services for Pennsylvania.