Change can be stressful. Here are some resources to make the process of searching for the right living options and services a little easier for you and your family members.

Useful Links

  • Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) - Your local AAA can counsel you about possible resources, including services available in your home, or the process for conducting a functional assessment if you believe a higher level of service may be necessary.
  • Pennsylvania Insurance Department - The Pennsylvania Insurance Department certifies all types of insurance in the commonwealth and is a good resource if searching for Medicare gap coverage or long-term care insurance options.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health - Through a variety of avenues, you can find quality and licensure information about nursing homes, home health agencies and home care agencies or search for local providers.
  • Social Security Administration - Apply for benefits, get your Social Security statement, get a benefit verification letter and even change your address.
  • 2018 Benefits & Rights for Older Pennsylvanians - This comprehensive PDF document, published by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, is a handy resource that offers an overview of senior services available in the Commonwealth.
  • How to Help Protect Older Adults From Telephone & Internet Scams - Our national partner, LeadingAge, developed this guide to educate seniors and their caregivers on some of the most common telephone & internet scams which target seniors and how to avoid falling prey to the scammers if you or a family member are contacted.


LeadingAge's "Aging Unmasked" Podcast

"Aging Unmasked" is a new podcast from LeadingAge, our national partner, that normalizes, humanizes and unmasks taboos in aging. Subscribe to Aging Unmasked on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher or click on the links to listen to episodes here.

Episode #1: Sex and aging - For our first episode, we explore sex and aging. Our guests include sex expert, Dr. Ruth Westheimer; nursing home sex policy innovator, Dr. Cheryl Phillips; and CEO of Hebrew Home at Riverdale, Dan Reingold.

Episode #2: Medical marijuana - For our second episode, we explore medical marijuana as a medicine for older adults. Our guests include CEO of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, Dan Reingold, and Dr. Zachary Palace, Medical Directory at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. We also speak to Paula Querido Kahn, Director of Community Engagement at Takoma Wellness Center and "Jenny,"  nursing home resident who uses medical marijuana to treat symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Episode #3: Ageism - For our third episode, we discuss ageism and listen to your voicemails on this issue. Our guests include Tracey Gendron from the gerontology department of Virginia Commonwealth University and Front Porch's Roberta Jacobson.

Episode #4: Alzheimer's & dementia - For our fourth episode, we explore Alzheimer's and dementia. Guests include Brian LeBlanc, an Alzheimer's advocate who is living with the disease; Pat Sprigg, President and CEO of Carol Woods; and Jessica peters, Assisted Living and Terrace Manager at Goodwin House.

Episode #5: LGBT (Part 1) - For our fifth episode, we explore how aging services providers are working to better embrace LGBT older adults. Guests include Hadley Hall; Jerry Brown, Executive Director of Bethany Center Foundation; Donna Lazartic, Executive Director & President of Green Hill Senior Living; and Jane Danner, Director of Resident Engagement of Volunteers of America.

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