Choosing Not-for-Profit

What distinguishes a not-for-profit organization?

As long term care continues to be scrutinized closely, not-for-profit providers repeatedly demonstrate a difference when it comes to quality. For them, the bottom line is delivering the best and most compassionate care rather than focusing on financial gain. Not-for-profits fulfill their mission to serve by raising the standards in quality, innovation and caring for the entire senior services continuum.

With a long-standing history of putting people first, these organizations consistently provide more hands-on care and develop new, more creative ways to meet the needs of their clients than their corporate counterparts. For example, according to federal statistics, not-for-profit nursing homes have a record of providing more hours of care per resident per day, investing more resources in resident care, and averaging significantly fewer deficiencies.

While every organization must cover costs in order to continue operating, in not-for-profit facilities, all surplus income benefits the residents or clients themselves because it’s reinvested in facility enhancements or expanded services. Fundraising and active volunteer programs also help to subsidize quality care and ensure ongoing community involvement and interaction.

As community sponsored or faith-based fraternal organizations, not-for-profits practice a ministry of caring treating all residents as valued members of their community. Community based volunteer boards of trustees donate their time and talents to ensure that the organization’s approach to serving and caring for older people is responsible and responsive to local needs.

So, if you need some help, a little or a lot, or if you’re looking for a more carefree retirement living environment, LeadingAge PA members stand ready with a commitment to caring that’s rooted in community and a long-standing mission to serve.