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Nursing Five-Star Analysis Report

Nursing Facility Five-Star Analysis Reports


Take advantage of LeadingAge PA's Quarterly Nursing Facility Five-Star Analysis reports for your facility. Our reports are a comprehensive analysis of your Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Five-Star Quality rating. Contact Marianne Lake, Manager of Market Research, for additional details.


County specific senior living market reports providing a county wide perspective on estimated and projected demographics, economic environments, trends for home ownership, household incomes and costs, community health statistics, and more to better guide you in understanding how your community may be impacted in the future.  Click on the county name to see the report. You must be a member to view this report.

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Strategic Spotlight: Investing in Workforce Diversity - The Village at Sprenkle Drive Shares its Success
The Village at Sprenkle Drive has learned the value of recruiting workers from a traditionally underutilized group within the workforce - the disabled.  Read about their success in retention rates and positive resident interactions

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