It's no secret that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, senior care providers have faced a myriad of challenges. While many people may immediately recall issues such as PPE shortages, other very real concerns like attracting and retaining a healthy workforce or controlling the surging expenses associated with patient and resident care and employee safety are frequently overlooked. Although most organizations recognize the need to invest in the health and well-being of employees and their families, the cost to do so frequently becomes an increasing year-over-year line item within the operating budget. Fortunately, for LeadingAge PA members, the Association offers a health plan alternative that is fully aligned with your goals--spending health care dollars in the most efficient and responsible way, while providing the best coverage for your employees.

The Retirement Community Health Plan of PA (RCHP) was established exclusively for LeadingAge PA members so they can realize the advantages and benefits of:

  • A self-funded model tailored to your underwriting needs and overall risk management strategy
  • Health benefits that are fully aligned with your organizational goals and that are fully invested in the health and well-being of your employees
  • Maintaining the same look and feel of your benefits through the continuation of the plan offerings, networks, and service providers of your choice
  • A program lending market independence with full transparency and governance on behalf of its members
  • A benefits forum with your peers that fosters collaboration and provides benchmark insights on cost, utilization, and population health metrics
  • Unparalleled service, by providing day-to-day support and active year-round oversight of your plans for your human resources, finance, and leadership teams

The program, which continues to outperform market medical trend and has grown to serve 26 LeadingAge PA member organizations statewide, has annual funding that now exceeds $75 million. And, since its inception in 2009, it has returned more than $55 million in surpluses back to participating members!

If your organization, like many others, is facing another increase to your health care premiums while you and your employees have fewer plan protections and benefits, learn how the RCHP program could help to improve your employee benefits plan. LeadingAge PA and the Retirement Community Health Plan of PA are here to assist. Contact Natalie MacDonald, Director of Corporate Partnerships, LeadingAge PA, to discover how RCHP can best serve your organization's health plan needs!