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For 2021, we chose to spotlight the many health care superheroes in our membership! Submissions of resident and staff artwork, poetry, and photos that celebrate the sacrifice and heart behind the care our members provided during a difficult year made it challenging to select just a handful for the 2021 member calendar. Here we share all of the submissions with you.  Enjoy!

Inside Front Cover - St Joseph Manor_poem_750x734.jpg

We took upon a mission to care, comfort, and heal.

February - Lima Estates_862x550.jpg

Sending love to the heroes of Lima Estates!

March - Moravian Hall Square_862x549.jpg

Courage, compassion, and hope for better days to come.

April - Masonic Village - Elizabethtown_862x550.jpg

In this poem, peace over panic, and faith over fear are some of the ways resident Henry C. Stauffer looked for safety during the beginning of the pandemic.

May - Dunwoody Village_862x550.jpg

Residents give back and thank the staff for keeping them safe during the pandemic.

June - Pine Run Retirement Community_862x551.jpg

"The Pine Run Staff," a poem by resident Bruno Cavallo.

Normandie Ridge Nursing Staff.jpg

A trio of superheroes descended upon Normandie Ridge to assist its nursing staff in their fight against the coronavirus.

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