Celebrating a Technology Milestone

Morningstar Living
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Morningstar Living recently introduced its very own mobile app - MyMorningstar. This custom app provides residents at Morningstar's communities, Moravian Hall Square and Heritage Village, with everything they need to plan their day. From dining menus to fitness classes to transportation requests, the list is long - and it's all just a few clicks away.

The IT department worked closely with a team of residents and staff to help identify the content for the app. They wanted to develop an app that would be a useful resource for residents, keeping them engaged with the services and programs available at Morningstar Living. The application is available for Apple iOS, Android and Kindle Fire operating systems allowing residents to download to their tablet, Kindle or smart phone.

"This new generation of residents is technology savvy and want to have access to information at their fingertips from their mobile devices," said Monica Bustamante, Chief Information Officer. She explained that "Our new MyMorningstar App is a sign of our commitment to get residents engaged in living, and it's a sign that our organization is committed to innovation in meeting the needs of the residents we serve." Residents gathered for a special launch event where there was assistance from staff and resident ambassadors to download the app to their device and start getting familiar with it. Staff at Moravian Hall Square provide ongoing training sessions to help residents become familiar with, and comfortable using, mobile devices.

Following the success of the app for residents, two additional versions of MyMorningstar have been developed. One offers information to prospective residents of Moravian Hall Square and Heritage Village, providing them with access to information about each of the communities to help them in their decision-making process. Prospective residents can access floor plans, dining menus, activities calendar, and volunteer opportunities, amongst many other things. The other app is designed specifically for staff, enabling them to connect with residents and colleagues, to learn about events and activities specifically for employees and to access payroll, benefits information and other resources specifically relating to employment at Morningstar Living.

The new apps have been met with great enthusiasm from users!

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