LeadingAge PA PAC Contributors

The LeadingAge PA PAC is built and fostered by the dedicated support of our contributors:

  • Individuals with contributions at or above $500 are included in our Chairman's Circle.
  • The President's Club represents contributors from $250 to $499.
  • Those listed as Friends have contributed between $100 and $249.
  • Individuals listed as Supporters have contributed between $1 and $99.

Thank you to all of the LeadingAge PA PAC contributors who enhance the value of the PAC and help strengthen the advocacy and lobbying strategies of LeadingAge PA. Recognition comprises contributions the PAC received year to date for 2020.

Chairman's Circle

Bob Bertolette
Brian Malliard
Adam Marles
Barbara Sepich
Scott Townsley
Len Weiser
Paul Winkler
Chris Wright

President's Club

Susan Deobil
Susan Drabic
Beth Greenberg
Michael Griffin
Vicki Loucks
Natalie MacDonald
Jeremy Neely
James Pieffer
Luanne Reese
John Snader


Diane Burfeindt
Bob Brooks
Susan Dachille
John Dickson IV
Heidie Dolan
Jaqueline Flanagan
Allen Geckle
Lora Gombac
Georgia Goodman
Dan Grant
Dennis Griest
Brian Grundusky
William Kingsbury
Deb Larkin
Jarrod Leo

Jeffery Long
Susie McCrary
Doug Motter
Pat Savage
Jennifer Schwalm
Randy Sheaffer
Scott Summy
John Swanson
Lynn Swisher
Catherine Wise
Rebecca Young


Heather Bleiler
Stacie Bornemann
Robert Buckingham Jr.
Christina Carden
Tracy Evens
Sharon Fahrer
Lisa Fischetti
Roberta Gray
Bobbi Jo Haden
Kristin Henderson
Anne Henry
Melanie Kohler
Cassandra Law
Joseph Malisky
Lisa Malosh
Erin McDermott
Laurel Sciukas
Megan Stedjan
Tanya Ulrich
Joseph Wenger

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