A letter to a Pennsylvania senator. A town hall meeting with your house representative. A phone call to a local board member. Those are just a few of the ways that people like you and us - not professional advocates or political experts - can take action to advocate for Pennsylvania seniors on the important issues that impact them.

Is this your first time participating in the political process? Relax. On this page you can read an information sheet that will help you navigate the rules of advocacy, watch a video about getting involved and find contact information for your state representatives.

Call. Write. Email. Volunteer. Speak up. Act. And know you've played a part in helping Pennsylvania's seniors make their voices heard.

Click here to enter your address and find the legislators that serve your area.    


The pandemic has destabilized the liability insurance market causing policy premiums to spike and renewals to contain COVID-related exclusions. Best practices and policy recommendations from state and federal governing agencies have evolved rapidly, contained conflicting guidance, and left providers without necessary liability protections.

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