LeadingAge PA utilizes a variety of techniques in our advocacy and education efforts. By composing and updating our issue briefs, we can unify and distill our messaging on key topics of interest. We are able to garner grassroots support from our members and friends by using our briefs as educational background and talking points as they reach out to elected officials seeking support on our priorities or leave the briefs behind as a reference during a meeting with a senator or representative.

As the costs to provide care continue to rise in nursing homes across the Commonwealth, reimbursement has been stagnant. The funding shortfall has reached a critical point. Some facilities throughout the state are considering drastic measures, which may include closing. Good providers are struggling to make ends meet in an ever more demanding regulatory environment.
Our request: We ask the members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to cosponsor HCO1799 along with Steven Mentzer (R-Lancaster). This legislation would allow assisted living to be covered by the Medical Assistance Program.

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