Political Action Committee

About LeadingAge PA's PAC

LeadingAge PA's Political Action Committee (PAC) was established as part of the association’s efforts to increase its legislative advocacy and presence in Harrisburg. This is a voluntary member sponsored political action fund and another tool that will allow our association to further strengthen and expand our visibility within the state Capitol, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and with other elected officials.

Why should you contribute?

  • Legislators face thousands of bills each year. Your PAC dollars are crucial to help LeadingAge PA support candidates and elected officials who understand the long-term care field and share our values as well as concerns.
  • The LeadingAge PAC empowers us to have a greater impact in the political process while allowing us to be more competitive among other associations that may often have conflicting goals.
  • The LeadingAge PA PAC is an important tool that gives our members the access and visibility the long-term care field needs in order to have its voice heard in Harrisburg.
  • The LeadingAge PA PAC is a great vehicle to aid in the accomplishment of positive results.

See our LeadingAge PA PAC Frequently Asked Questions.

How can you contribute?

Please consider donating today! Download our Contribution Form to contribute by credit card or check.

  • Contributions are not tax deductible
  • Contributions are limited to those from individuals and other political action committees only (corporate contributions are prohibited)
  • State laws require political committees to collect and report the name, mailing address (as listed on your credit card or check), and occupation of individuals who contribute in a calendar year

Thank you for supporting the LeadingAge PA Political Action Committee and our association's advocacy on behalf of Pennsylvania's seniors!

For information and questions regarding the LeadingAge PA PAC, please contact Georgia Goodman at 717.790.3948 or georgia@leadingagepa.org.