Political Action Committee

About LeadingAge PA's PAC

LeadingAge PA's Political Action Committee (PAC) was established as part of the association’s efforts to increase its legislative advocacy and presence in Harrisburg. This is a voluntary member sponsored political action fund and another tool that will allow our association to further strengthen and expand our visibility within the state Capitol, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and with other elected officials.

Why should you contribute?

  • Legislators face thousands of bills each year. Your PAC dollars are crucial to help LeadingAge PA support candidates and elected officials who understand the long-term care field and share our values as well as concerns.
  • The LeadingAge PAC empowers us to have a greater impact in the political process while allowing us to be more competitive among other associations that may often have conflicting goals.
  • The LeadingAge PA PAC is an important tool that gives our members the access and visibility the long-term care field needs in order to have its voice heard in Harrisburg.
  • The LeadingAge PA PAC is a great vehicle to aid in the accomplishment of positive results.

See our LeadingAge PA PAC Frequently Asked Questions.

How can you contribute?

Please consider donating today! Download our Contribution Form to contribute by credit card or check.

  • Contributions are not tax deductible
  • Contributions are limited to those from individuals and other political action committees only (corporate contributions are prohibited)
  • State laws require political committees to collect and report the name, mailing address (as listed on your credit card or check), and occupation of individuals who contribute in a calendar year

Thank you for supporting the LeadingAge PA Political Action Committee and our association's advocacy on behalf of Pennsylvania's seniors!

For information and questions regarding the LeadingAge PA PAC, please contact Georgia Goodman at 717.790.3948 or georgia@leadingagepa.org.


Thanks to our Contributors

The LeadingAge PA PAC is built and fostered by the dedicated support of our contributors. Individuals with contributions at or over $500 are included in our Chairman's Circle, the President's Club represents contributors from $499-$250, Friends have contributed between $249 and $100. Thank you to all who enhance the value of the PAC and contribute to strengthen the advocacy and lobbying strategies of LeadingAge PA.

Chairman's Circle President’s Club Friend Supporter
Ronald Barth James Bernardo Eva Bering Kenneth Antos
Robert Bertolette Angela Dohrman Scott Blakiewicz Tim Aquiro
John R. Dickson Susan C. Drabic Robert Bowen Barbara Barozzini
Robert Rundle Geoffrey Eddowes Nicole Bowser Andrea Beall
Paul Winkler Brian Grundusky Robert Brooks Jacquelyn A. Bell
Anne Henry John Bryant Todd Boslau
Jefferson Kaighn Diane Burfeindt Marguerite Carroll
Elise Lamarra Mary Kathryn Burke Mary Ann Cebulesky
Candace McMullen LaDonna Burns Mark Celigoi
Jeremy Neely Sue Deobil Richard Chambers
James Pieffer Lisa Dormire Jim Childs
Don Pote Steven Faus Jeff Crispino
Scott Summy Allen Geckle Rebecca Davidson
Deborah Winn-Horvitz Geoffrey Gehring Julianne Devaney
John Gibbel Heidi Dolan
Georgia Goodman Jim Dougherty
Dan Grant Jeff Earnhart
Beth Greenberg Phyllis Eichner
Kate Hershey Karl Eisaman
Carrie Kane Tracy Evens
Claudia Michelle Knobloch Eva Gallagher
Debra Larkin Gary Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Levesque Tom Garvin
Amy Light Dennis Griest
Monica Lockett Mike Hache
Vicki Loucks Brandon Harlan
Anthony Manzo Steve Hassinger
Adam Marles Denise Hatter
Sandy Massetti Lisa Hoffman
Susan McCrary Gary Hutchinson
Mary Kay McMahon Mike Hynum
Richard Noftzger Caroline Jackson
Tony Pauly Ed and Kitty Kelly
Joe Peduzzi Kim Kelly-Clutter
Michelle Rassler John Kennedy
Jennifer Schwalm John Kline
Randy Sheaffer Melanie Kohler
John Snader Kimber Latsha
Linda Stumph Charles Laverty
Curtis Stutzman Stephen Leaman
Charles West Jeff Long
Peter Wilson Terri Long
Katrina Wise Daniel Longo
Martha Zatezalo Robert Louxes
Kim Macalus
Renny Magill
David Marshall
Rodney Martzall
John McAllister
Michael McGuire
Matthew Miller
Alisa Miller
Joe Myers
Jeff Ondrey
Brian Palma
Ron Patti
Jeffrey Petrell
Brian Picchini
David Rayha
Holly Rosini
Raven Schaelzle
Donna Sell
Pat Sheridan
Jerry Simatos
John Simmons
James Spencer
Dennis Stufft
Mark Tedford
Alicia Titus
Michele Tornabe
Teresa Toth
Gary Uzelac
Barbara Wang
Marlin Dale Weaver
Alex Webb
Jeff Weiser
Stephen Wenzel
James Williams
Stephen Wilson
Scott Wissler
Jacob Wuerstle