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Emergency Preparedness Resources

Effective November 16, 2017 the final rule: Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers will be implemented. Compliance will be reviewed during annual surveys, including documentation of exercises and requisite planning.

Published or Updated Short Description Title and Link
6-Jul-17 Local Resources for Emergency Preparedness. PA Health Care Coalition Contacts 2017 Map
16-Sep-16 Code of Federal Regulations Final Rule Final Rule: Medicare and Medicaid Program; Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers
8-Sep-16 CMS S&C Memo: Announcement of Final Rule Publication CMS Survey and Cert Letter: Notification of Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Published.
2-Jun-17 Annoucement of advanced copy of Appendix Z of the SOM: Emergency Preparedness for All Provider and Certified Supplier Types Interpretive Guidance CMS Survey and Cert Letter on Emergency Preparedness Advanced Copy of Appendix Z
March, 2017 Frequently asked questions and answers on the CMS final rule, including all hazards approaches. Survey and Cert All Hazards Approach FAQ
13-Jul-17 Yale New Haven Health System Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Crosswalk Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Crosswalk
This document contains key fields to be included in a sample agreement to be used in a facility's emergency preparedness plan used to transition residents during an emergency. Sample Facility Transfer Agreement

Community HealthChoices Resources

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Community HealthChoices (CHC) is the commonwealth’s plan to deliver Medicaid funded long-term services and supports (LTSS) through a capitated managed care program to older Pennsylvanians and adults with physical disabilities. CHC will use managed care organizations (MCOs) to coordinate the physical health, behavioral health, and long-term services needs of participants in order to improve access, efficiency, and quality to qualifying populations.

Managed Care Organization Contact Information

AmeriHealth Caritas AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania Overview Provider Contracting Inquiries:
PA Health and Wellness PA Health & Wellness Provider Contracting Inquiries:
Joshua Sloop:
UPMC Community HealthChoices UPMC Community HealthChoices Overview
Provider Contracting Inquiries:
Ray Prushnok:
Andrea Farrell:

Department of Human Services Resources

The Department of Human Services (DHS) hosted four CHC Provider Summits to educate providers about CHC, contracting with MCOs, and afford an opportunity for question and answer. The agendas and presentations for each summit were the same.

Published or Updated Short Description Title and Link
7/24/2017 Presented by OLTL Deputy Secretary Jen Burnett and OLTL Chief of Staff, Kevin Hancock CHC Overview
7/24/2017 Presented by Kallie Wayda, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and Patty Clark, Office of Long-term Living. Behavioral Health
7/24/2017 Presented by Mike Hale, Office of Long-term Living. Home- and Community-based Services
7/24/2017 Presented by Randy Nolen and Judy Patrick from the Office of Long-term Living. Nursing Facility
7/24/2017 Presented by Jill Vovakes, Office of Long-term Living. Physical Health
7/24/2017 Presented by Kevin Hancock, Office of Long-term Living and Heather Hallman, DHS Secretary's Office. Service Coordination
7/24/2017 AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania Overview
7/24/2017 UPMC Community HealthChoices Overview
7/24/2017 PA Health & Wellness

Related Guidance From DHS

Published or Updated Short Description Title and Link
Links to documents as DHS releases guidance and mailers to providers and participants. DHS CHC Publications Page
DHS webstie outlining BH MCO contacts in each county. Behavioral Health Covered Services
7/1/2017 List of Exceptional DME and acquisition costs for FY 17-18. MA Bulletin: for Exceptional DME
6/24/2017 Payment for Nursing Facility Services Provided by Nonpublic Nursing Facilities; Notice of Change in Methods and Standards of Setting Payment Rates; Budget Adjustment Factor

MA Bulletin: Quarterly Budget Adjustment Factor in CHC

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Federal & State Regulations Guide

Long-term care providers are among the most regulated of all entities by both the state and federal governments – and unfortunately this list continues to change and expand. LeadingAge PA's new Federal & State Regulations Guide provides members with information and resources regarding the numerous and varied regulations affecting long-term care providers. Our guide provides information for nursing facilities, assisted living residences, personal care homes, home and community-based services, housing entities as well as general regulations.