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October 2017 Strategy Spotlight: The Village at Sprenkle Drive Shares its Success
The Village at Sprenkle Drive has learned the value of recruiting workers from a traditionally underutilized group within the state workforce - the disabled.  Read about their success in retention rates and positive resident interactions. 


June 2017 Strategy Spotlight: Dunwoody Village uses Technology to add Value to their Organization
Dunwoody Village began a 90-day pilot integrating the Mpower solutions package into existing Dunwoody medical operations. Mpower is a smartphone application that makes it easier for the Dunwoody care team to motivate, monitor, and manage residents at Dunwoody to pursue a healthier lifestyle.              

Article April 2017 Strategy Spotlight: The Village at Morrison's Cove Puts the Fun in Fundraising
Across the nation, the cost of long-term care services and supports has steadily risen. LeadingAge PA member, The Village at Morrisons Cove has nurtured and expanded their vision to raise funds to care for residents with limited financial resources in a way that brings their local community into The Village community. The Village Green is a full-service event venue that houses a bistro and hosts weddings, business meetings, and dinner and movie dining experiences in the 80-seat dinner theater.

Article  February 2017 Strategy Spotlight: United Zion's Successful Falls Prevention Program
While the statewide average for the measure is consistently greater than 3 percent each quarter, United Zion has been successful in maintaining a percentage of less than 1 percent according to’s Nursing Home Compare quality measures. This Strategy Spotlight focuses on why the staff at United Zion believes they are so successful at this important quality measure.

 Article November 2016 Strategy Spotlight: Chandler Hall's Innovative Personal Respite Program
Three years ago Chandler Hall started a program appropriately named Go Home Strong to help increase the occupancy of their PC apartments while promoting their Respite Care Program. The strategy is not only innovative but it is one that only a non-profit organization can truly embrace.                      
 Article  August 2016 Strategy Spotlight: The Long Community at Highland
 The Long Community at Highland meets the demand of the middle income market by offering an independent living rental product.