August 1, 2024 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Join LeadingAge PA partners JKJ and Ecri for a critical exploration into the rising challenge of hazardous wandering and elopement in senior living communities. This pressing issue has led to heartbreaking outcomes, affecting residents, their loved ones, and community staff. Despite the rarity of such events, the consequences can be dire, ranging from severe injuries to tragic fatalities. In this interactive webinar, we delve into the legal and ethical imperatives that compel senior living facilities to mitigate these risks comprehensively. We’ll examine how increased acuity levels across all care settings present both challenges and opportunities for systemic safety enhancements. Our session will equip you with an organization-wide strategy for hazardous wandering and elopement prevention, drawing from real-life case studies and expert insights. We will highlight a recent case where a staff member faced felony charges following a resident’s elopement. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on crafting and implementing robust policies that not only safeguard residents but also fortify community integrity. Click HERE to register