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LeadingAge PA is dedicated to investing in new paths and solutions to all aspects of the workforce crisis impacting our members and senior services across Pennsylvania.  
What is the LeadingAge PA Careers To Love Day?

The LeadingAge PA Careers To Love Day was created as a statewide effort to raise the profile of the senior services industry and grow the pool of potential candidates for the workforce. The one-day recruitment event showcases the vibrancy and uniqueness of each participating senior care community, and educates and encourages individuals to pursue a career in long-term care.

How will candidates learn about Careers To Love Day?

LeadingAge PA partnered with Marketing For Change for the first-ever statewide event in 2021, an agency specializing in the utilization of behavioral science to promote action. Together, we conducted a six-week combined campaign of coordinated media buys and influencer marketing leading up to the day-long event.

How will a community benefit from Careers To Love Day?
  • Each community’s participation fee is invested in the advertisement and media buys that drive traffic to the LeadingAge PA Careers To Love PA website during the six-week campaign leading up to the event. The site highlights all participating member communities, career opportunities, and open positions.
  • Potential candidates will fill out an Interest Form on the website and participating communities in their area of interest will receive their contact information with their preferred type of position and geographic location.
  • A toolkit of professionally produced videos, graphics and templates for social media posts and press releases are provided to help each community capitalize on the momentum of the six-week campaign leading up to the event. All participating members can customize the toolkit resources for their community. 
  • The collaborative effort and coming together of membership for the greater good of our statewide workforce is the ultimate benefit. Each community will be helping to raise the profile of the long- term care industry and the many rewarding careers it offers. The more member participation, the more impact we can make across the state and the more success we’ll have in targeting potential applicants who may be a great fit in our communities!


Five photos of different career opportunity categories in senior services

The Careers To Love PA website will remain active as a centralized hub for interested applicants to learn about the field and career opportunities in the area following the recruitment day, and until the next Careers To Love Day opportunity is announced.


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What does a community do on Careers To Love Day?

The Careers To Love Day is the culmination of the six-week campaign. On this day each community will share their individual culture: what makes them unique? It may be a job fair, an open house, or a pop-in interview day. In 2021, we even saw a carnival at a member community! The idea is to show potential applicants why their community is special and why it might be the right fit for the next step in their career. 


Participating members of the Careers To Love Day get full access to an array of graphics, posters, videos, and other customizable templates and resources to promote their community events.

Below are a few of the social media shareables from the 2021 Toolkit!


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