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Nonprofit communities across Pennsylvania are hiring for activities and life enrichment jobs in your area.
See how working in senior services measures up to similar career paths:

Flexible schedules

Life-long friendships

Growth opportunities and support

Diverse and growing workforce

Medical and dental coverage (dependent on community and job)

Shift differentials and overtime (dependent on community and job)


Social Worker: Social workers conduct counseling and therapy sessions to help patients manage emotional, psychological and social challenges. They are responsible for fostering a safe climate that encourages residents to express their individuality and independence.
Activities Specialist: In charge of all things fun, activities specialists plan and implement activities for residents. With a focus on providing relaxation and entertainment to the residents, activities specialists coordinate fun, engaging events to encourage socialization and improve daily living skills.
Beauticians and Barbers: Making sure that all residents look and feel their best, beauticians and barbers foster a welcoming environment and provide hair cuts, styling and color to meet residents’ requests.
Music and Art Therapist: Through research-based art and music therapy techniques, therapists will evaluate and treat patients while helping them create art. Therapists connect with patients and provide methods that allow them to sustain their emotional and mental well-being while encouraging them to express their emotions and feelings.
Fitness Specialist / Personal Trainer: Fitness specialists believe that everyone deserves a healthy and happy lifestyle — no matter their age. Fitness specialists analyze patients’ health and exercise needs and develop tailored exercise and nutrition programs. Duties include leading group fitness and nutrition classes, as well as providing one-on-one training sessions to patients.