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Maintenance & Housekeeping

Nonprofit communities across Pennsylvania are hiring for maintenance and housekeeping jobs in your area.
See how working in senior services measures up to similar career paths:

Flexible schedules

Life-long friendships

Growth opportunities and support

Diverse and growing workforce

Medical and dental coverage (dependent on community and job)

Shift differentials and overtime (dependent on community and job)


Purchasing and Supply Specialist: Supply specialists are responsible for planning and directing the purchase of supplies for the care facility. This includes nursing supplies such as beds, mattresses, gloves, scales and more, as well as everyday items for the facility. The supply specialist works closely with the kitchen staff and other teams to ensure they are equipped with everything they need, selects vendors and supplies, analyses price proposals and negotiates contracts.
Environmental Services Specialist: With a focus on sanitation, the environmental services specialist cleans residents’ rooms and all areas in the facility with the goal of eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. 
Housekeeper: Ensuring that each living space and room is clean and suitable for everyday life, the housekeeper plays a key role in facility upkeep to ensure residents feel comfortable in their living spaces. Housekeepers operate various types of cleaning equipment and sanitize floors, equipment and furniture according to infection-control policies. 
Maintenance Specialist: Maintenance specialists perform basic repair duties around the facilities. Responsibilities vary but may include fixing broken equipment, repairing drywall, landscaping upkeep, and more.