About Us


To advance the evolving continuum of aging services in Pennsylvania


To serve as the preeminent advocate for facilitating change and inspiring its members to positively impact the field of aging services in Pennsylvania


Dedicated to helping our members advance the vision of healthy, affordable, ethical aging services, LeadingAge PA is committed to and values:

  • Following ethical- and people-centered business practices
  • Being member-driven, consumer-focused and knowledge-based
  • Respecting and celebrating diversity
  • Being forward-thinking
  • Providing leadership, and informed and targeted advocacy based on contemporary research and knowledge to meet the changing needs of our members and those we serve

What is LeadingAge PA?

“We are the voice for advocacy and change”

LeadingAge PA is a statewide association representing high-quality providers of long-term care services and supports for older adults across the commonwealth for almost 60 years. But we are so much more than one sentence can convey.

We share our vision with members to inspire change that positively impacts aging services and the quality of care for older adults in Pennsylvania. Together, we work to create a brighter future for the field of senior services.  

We are committed to providing members with the education, data, and resources necessary to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of senior services.

We provide advocacy, support, and insight on policy and strategy, as well as other tools and programs to help member organizations grow.

How We Began

Up until 1963, nonprofit senior communities had no collective representation and little-to-no recognition as a distinct group providing a specific service. Not wishing to be just part of a superstructure of groups concerned with aging, our founders established LeadingAge PA, an association based on our philosophy and principles.

Although the care and services provided by our members vary, they all share important qualities:

  • They strive to meet the social, physical, and spiritual needs of older adults
  • They help older adults achieve the dignity and quality of life they deserve 

True to our founders' original vision, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advocating on behalf of our members and ensuring they are equipped to meet the present and future demands they face as providers.

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