Affinity Groups

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LeadingAge PA's Affinity Groups provide an exciting opportunity to network and collaborate with like professionals in experience and interests. Each of the member-only groups have the opportunity and platform to grow and evolve based on the needs and activity of the group.

Bring your experience and insight, and look forward to gaining new perspective while collaborating on solutions for difficulties, sharing best practices, and discussing the unique challenges faced by those working in senior services.

Personal Care Homes/Assisted Living Residences Affinity Group meets to provide opportunities for PCH/ALR professions to receive regulatory updates and to discuss and address common challenges.  

Join a group and start connecting today!


Nursing Home Administrators

The Nursing Home Administrators group gathers professionals with varying levels of experience to stay in step with state and federal issues of interest - and more importantly, connect with others in a forum designed for members to share and discuss solutions for the issues faced in nursing facilities.

Join this dynamic group of NHAs to share your insight and experience in support of others, and to gain knowledge, perspective, and a broader network of like-minded professionals! 

Human Resources

Never before have Human Resource professionals and leaders faced the unique struggles of the workforce crisis in senior services as they are today. The purpose of this Affinity Group is to give the space for open discussion of the day-to-day difficulties and possible solutions, strategic planning for statewide workforce challenges, and sharing across the senior living field. 

Join this established and growing group of Human Resource professionals - from interns to senior leaders - to learn, network, share positive solutions and perspectives to the challenges in serving those who serve our seniors.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Affinity Group brings together technology professionals and leaders across the state with backgrounds and experience in different settings and industries.

Join this diverse group of strategic minds to share and explore existing and emerging technologies to help meet the unique technical and communication needs of senior living communities. 


The Communications Affinity Group gives communications experts of various positions across membership the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on high-level strategies for supporting member and Association priorities with communication-related efforts.  

Join the group as our organizations collectively benefit from the positive impact of effective communications, particularly with pooled resources and strong collaboration of experts with various backgrounds and skill sets.

Single Site

Single site providers experience and are impacted by the ever-changing landscape and regulatory nature of senior services in Pennsylvania in a unique way. This Affinity Group was created out of the need for management staff at single site providers to have the opportunity to discuss and address shared common challenges with others.

Join our group members as they collaborate on possible solutions and ways forward that result in better quality service and care to residents, and ultimately a positive impact on the whole community!