PAC Contributors


LeadingAge PA PAC Contributors

The LeadingAge PA PAC is built and fostered by the dedicated support of our contributors. Thank you to all who enhance the value of the PAC and help strengthen the advocacy and lobbying strategies of LeadingAge PA through your generous donations.

  • Individuals with contributions at or above $500 are included in our Chairman's Circle.
  • The President's Club represents contributors from $250 to $499.
  • Those listed as Friends have contributed between $100 and $249.
  • Individuals listed as Supporters have contributed between $1 and $99.
We appreciate and proudly recognize our 2024 contributors to date!
Chairman's Circle

President's Club
  • Katherine Griffith
  • Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob  
  • Jefferson Kaighn


  • Katie Andreano

  • Maryanne Brawley
  • Garry Pezzano

  • Natalie MacDonald

  • Heidie Dolan

  • Chuck Quinnan


Brian Bary
Fred Bean
Heather Bleiler
Shawn Brogan
Alex Buzzbee
Valerie Caras
Christina Carden
Clayton Cartwright
Tom Cassidy
Joe Curcio
Blake Daub
Kyle Demoto
Jake Evans
Tracy Evens
Sharon Fahrer
Scott Fergusson
David Fowles
Scott Fergusson
David Fowles
Kyle Goodyear
John Grove
Gary Heinerichs
David Heisey
Chad Himel
Mike Holland
John Kennedy
John Kiefner
Kevin Kuntz
Ken Kunzman
Brian Levesque
Brad Lefever
Andrew Loeffler
Jose Lopez
Steve MacDonald
Frank Mandy
Harry McConnel
Erin McDermott
Meghan McGeoy
Shane McGuire
Paul Nordeman
Matt Oathout
Brian Palma
Cory Palma
Mike Perlock
Rich Quinn
Darla Schuck
Laurel Sciukas
Stu Smith
Megan Stedjan
Eric Tatlonghari
Joe Tomaino
Gene Waltz
Michael Welz
Cullen Wise
Carol Ziegler