Strategic Initiatives

2023 Strategic Plan

In alignment with our mission, LeadingAge PA is focused on getting to the future of aging services. In some ways, that will mean supporting the current infrastructure so that providers can thrive in the short-term future. In other ways, this will mean that we'll be out there, looking further into the distant future and helping guide the way toward promising new innovations, out-of-the-box solutions, and connections with changemakers to ensure a bright future for the sector. 

Our goal for this strategic plan, was for it to be highly actionable and for each member of our staff to clearly see their role in it. While we won't go into detail on this page, rest assured that each department has more specific, measurable goals laid out that fit under each overarching strategic priority.

Increase Value to Members

We are committed to increasing value to our members and other stakeholders by leading the way to the future of aging services through advocacy, education, research, and business-driven solutions.

Reduce Reliance on Provider Dues Revenue

We will reduce reliance on provider dues revenue by improving the organization’s operational efficiencies, engaging value-driven partnerships, and connecting members to business solutions.

Lighten the Lift for Members

We will strive to "lighten the lift" for members by fortifying the organization's systems, operations, and resources to improve efficiency, reporting capabilities, and member services.