Strategic Initiatives

2021-2022 Association Priorities

Each and every day, the Association will continue striving to achieve strong outcomes for its members in Harrisburg and to effectively share the inspiring work done in each member community. While not explicitly called out in the four, advocacy and enhancement of the perception of senior services are inextricably enmeshed in each. These two foundational tasks undergird and are inseparable from the priorities outlined below.

Inspiring Member Evolution

The pace of change in senior services has never been faster. To stay relevant and successful, organizations must challenge traditional practices, take calculated risks, and embrace change. LeadingAge PA will identify and motivate members to execute strategies that address and capitalize on changes in the senior living field to ensure that mission-centered organizations can adapt and grow.

Workforce Enhancements

LeadingAge PA member organizations fulfill their missions thanks to the dedication of exceptional teams. Workforce challenges have posed a growing threat in our sector for several years, and the pandemic accelerated it. LeadingAge PA will address the senior living workforce challenge through partnership, support, data and strategy dissemination that will meaningfully assist members in enhancing their workforce.

Growth and Collaboration

To maximize the Association’s ability to support members, we must enhance LeadingAge PA’s long-term finances, reach, and influence. We will lead by example, enhancing our value proposition by both improving existing offerings and seeking new opportunities organically and with other entities. LeadingAge PA will strengthen the association through prudent decision making, measured risk-taking, and partnership development.

 COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 fundamentally impacted senior services operations and strategies, and its long-term effects remain unknown. As we have since the outset of the pandemic, LeadingAge PA will ensure that members are optimally positioned to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its developing implications.