Strategic Initiatives

The LeadingAge PA mission is: To advance the future of aging services in Pennsylvania.

The LeadingAge PA vision is: To serve as the preeminent advocate for facilitating change and inspiring members to positively impact the field of aging services in Pennsylvania

How can we be sure that our strategic priorities align with our mission and our envisioned future for long-term care?

At LeadingAge PA, we  have designed a strategic blueprint to chart our progress and help us serve our members better.

Strategic Priorities

The four major priorities established in our 2017-2020 strategic blueprint are:

  1. Business model - Success indictors in this area include achieving the optimum revenue mix, expanding partnerships and increasing member engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Evolving continuum - Success will be measured by an increased number of members that are evolving or adjusting their business models.
  3. Workforce development - Goals include providing value to members on workforce issues and recruitment, increasing our scholarship program, partnering with more institutions of higher learning and recasting the image of long-term care for young professionals.
  4. Technology - Technology success indicators include improving operational efficiency, enhancing the member experience, reducing costs and / or increasing revenue.

Along with these overall success indicators for each category, we have created specific LeadingAge PA strategic initiatives for each area to be measured and achieved each year. As a LeadingAge PA member, we invite you to explore the details of our strategic plan.

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