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LeadingAge PA is seeking photographs from our members highlighting the 2023 member calendar theme:



Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. What gives you hope? For what do you hope? Send us your photos of member programs, services, or accomplishments that depict your definition of Hope! Your photos should represent concepts or initiatives important to not only LeadingAge PA members, but also to the Association.  


Submission Deadline: Friday, September 30, 2022 


Please contact Katie Andreano at kandreano@leadingagepa.org if you have questions  

or require assistance in meeting the requirements below. 

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines: 

  1. Open to residents and/or staff of all LeadingAge PA provider members. 

  1. Submissions must be an original photograph or a photograph of an original piece of art and the photo or artwork must be the property of the person/LeadingAge PA provider member that submits it. Please do not mail original artwork as it cannot be returned. 

  1. Submissions must not infringe on any copyright or trademark rights or violate any rights of privacy or publicity. 

  1. Submissions may not have been published previously in exchange for monetary payment. 

  1. Entries become the property of LeadingAge PA and will not be returned. 

  1. To submit photos, please ensure the photograph meets the Photo Submission Guidelines below.  



Photo Guidelines: 

  1. All images must be submitted as high-resolution JPEG files. 

  1. Each photo must be at least 8”x10” (or 2400x3000) at 300 dpi and three (3) megabytes or larger. Any photo that does not meet this standard may not be eligible. 

  1. Each photo must have a caption that clearly identifies the subject(s), the name of the photographer (if possible), and the facility of residence.  


Download the submission guidelines in full here:

Release Forms

Please complete and return the LeadingAge PA Release Form* with each submission. Each person pictured (if applicable) and/or the creator of the submission, as well as a facility representative, must sign the LeadingAge PA Release Form. 

Note: If the submission is a photo of a specific piece of art, such as a drawing, painting, or mixed media, please have the artist(s) sign the LeadingAge PA Release Form to allow LeadingAge PA to credit the creator(s) of the expression.  

*Only LeadingAge PA Release Forms will be accepted and they must be completed in their entirety. Facility-specific release forms may be included with the submission, but will not be accepted in lieu of the completed LeadingAge PA Release Form. 

Download the release form here:

Use the form below to complete your submission:

Or email the content below to share@leadingagepa.org.

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Each photo must have a caption that clearly identifies the subject(s), the name of the photographer (if possible), and the facility of residence. Include why the subject(s) of this photo give you HOPE.

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Only LeadingAge PA photo release forms will be accepted.

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