Maryanne Brawley

Maryanne BrawleyQ: Tell us about one of your favorite traditions.

A: A favorite family tradition is getting together on Saturdays with family to watch Notre Dame football. We are all big ND fans and we get together every Saturday to watch the game, eat some food and just hang out.

Another tradition is playing board games with the kids when they come home. We played a lot of board games when they were growing up and the tradition continues. We are all pretty competitive and no one likes to lose. We have extended that beyond board games by doing escape rooms now. So even though we are working together, we still are competing against the clock.

Q: What movie can you watch repeatedly without getting tired of it?

A: There are two. Rocky (the first one) and Elf.

In fact, my husband and I were just rewatching Rocky last week. I love a good underdog story. I remember the summer after it was released, I was visiting with my grandmother and we must have gone together to see it a dozen times. I probably watch it at least once or twice a year now. It is also a favorite of my husband’s and was one of our best icebreaker conversations when we first started dating.

As for Elf, I think it is one of Will Ferrell’s best roles and it is a feel-good Christmas movie. I love to watch it any time of the year and I still laugh out loud at it – particularly when he pops the cotton ball in his mouth at the doctor’s office.

Q: What unusual food combinations do you really enjoy?

A: Well, I obviously don’t think they are unusual food combinations but people have rolled their eyes when I put ketchup on my mac and cheese or homemade tacos. Other than that, I’m pretty much a keep-the-food-separated kind of girl…..a divided plate is my best friend.

Q: If you could be in any TV show from your childhood, what would it be? Why?

A: I wanted to be on Gilligan’s Island for the obvious reason – I mean, I literally am Maryanne!

I was oddly obsessed with the show (again, mostly likely due to seeing someone with my name which was a rarity) but I would spend hours drawing pictures of things I would build if I lived on the island. I came up with ideas and would sketch how I would use coconuts and palm fronds to make different household amenities.

Controller since 2023

As Controller, Brawley is responsible for developing internal processes, resources, and programs to support all finance and budgeting for the Association. Before coming to LeadingAge PA, Brawley attended the University of Maryland and double majored in Accounting and English. She pursued a career in accounting, working in various industries over the years including senior living.

In her own words: "I found my niche when I worked at the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg from 2010-2018. I started as the Director of Accounting and then moved into the role of Controller. During that time, I attended the LeadingAge PA Fellows in Leadership program. I always say that serving the senior population brought much career satisfaction and fulfillment. I became the self-proclaimed 'bean counter with a heart.' After five years away, I am thrilled to be serving the mission again as Controller of LeadingAge PA."