Careers To Love PA 2022 Campaign

August 15 to October 31, 2022


Careers to Love PA is a statewide initiative aimed at raising the profile of the senior services sector and increasing awareness of the career opportunities in our field through a digital campaign targeted to specific audiences. Leveraging our collective voice and utilizing new advertising trends allows us to show the vibrancy of our communities and begin breaking down stereotypes in senior living careers across the commonwealth.

All members will be featured on our Careers to Love PA website, the landing site for all statewide ads. Additionally, those who click on the ads can fill out an interest form and send their contact information to participating members in the candidate’s specified location. The campaign will launch in mid-August and will continue through October.

We urge you to complete the information form to optimize your community's presence in this campaign. Our voices are louder and we are stronger, together!