For 2 decades Christopher has led major organizational culture shifts as the Chief Learning Officer for two multi-site Senior and Social Services organizations. His primary responsibilities included building Corporate Universities, coaching executives, and “actionizing” the Mission, Vision, and Values into daily behaviors and commitments from all levels. Christopher’s deepest passion lies in assisting organizations create dynamic and profitable workplaces defined by belonging and inclusion.

His highly creative and outcome-based trainings consistently result in above-industry staff retention, team morale, and the recapture of millions of dollars in lost revenue.   

Characterized by a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE and participatory style, audiences are provoked to consider how interpersonal relationships impact EVERYTHING: Customer Service, Cultural Change Initiatives, Diversity Initiatives, Retention, Team Engagement, and revenues.  Behavioral science, principles of organizational development, and tons of observational humor are used to identify critical team member motivations in our buildings. Your team or conference-goers can also expect a mix of theatrics, storytelling, and unconventional activities based on researched, expert-approved business theories and practices.

You will walk away with tangible, reproduceable approaches and tools to increase engagement, accountability, and passion, at all levels, across all shifts, and walks-of-life. He challenges us to imagine the amazing outcomes for seniors, youth, and families resulting from workplace cultures where every team member feeling CHERISHED and FIRED UP to serve! ARE YOU READY?