Keep It Simple with GivingTuesday

By Christina Carden, Senior Director, Communications
November 24, 2021

I like things simple.

Like the simple pleasure of a good nap, and a hot coffee on a cool morning. The simple gesture of a hug or smile from a friend, or little wave from a neighbor. And, the simple philosophy of the Golden Rule and just doing good in the world.

"Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts."

Those at GivingTuesday would agree, as their global movement focuses on simple kindness and radical generosity. The organization reimagines a world built on shared humanity with a mission to inspire every person to give what they can for others, even a simple smile, and make generosity an everyday part of life around the globe.

As the holiday season kicks off in the spirit of gratefulness and thanks, it’s important to turn our attention toward ways to support simple missions like bringing more good into our world.

Our LeadingAge PA team proudly serves hundreds of member communities across Pennsylvania that selflessly give, serve, and care for some of the most vulnerable members of our families and communities, and we extend our support of kindness and service to organizations like GivingTuesday committed to bringing as much light into our world as possible. Particularly in difficult times such as now.

As the organization’s website insightfully states: “Even in times of economic uncertainty, we each have a deep reserve of generosity, which we can deploy in myriad ways to make a difference–your time, your kindness, your skills, your voice are all things you can give in addition to charitable donations.”

Members of our Association share our support as Acts Retirement-Life Communities, Asbury Communities, Presbyterian Senior Living, Wesley Enhanced Living, WRC Senior Services, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, Phoebe Ministries, Fellowship Community, Redstone Presbyterian SeniorCare, The Campus of the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg, Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries, and others, have participated in GivingTuesday through activities or campaigns in recent years.

How can you get involved? GivingTuesday shares a few ideas!

Host a Thank-A-Thon

Spend the day thanking instead of asking. Set a goal to call, text, or email all of your supporters, vendors, funders, and volunteers to thank them for their support this past year. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

Rally Your Best Advocates

Fenix Youth Project set a goal of $3,000 to fund their homeless + runaway youth outreach program. They ended the day with over $7,000 by leveraging Facebook fundraisers, hosting a Twitter chat, and encouraging their supporters to post why they're involved in the cause using the hashtag #NoLongerInvisibleTuesday.

Collaborate With Others For More Impact

Blankets of Hope partnered with a New Jersey barber to go to Times Square and give free haircuts and blankets to the homeless. "A fresh cut can give someone a fresh start."

Fundraise for Your Cause

YearUp used email, social, and video to tell the story of what’s possible when donors give the gift of opportunity. The organization added a personal touchpoint by holding a volunteer-led phone-a-thon. They set a goal of 500 gifts with the incentive of unlocking a $50K challenge gift from a family foundation. At the end of the day, they secured more than 615 gifts, raising $240,000 to advance their mission.