Successful Appeal: LeadingAge PA Helps Remove Unfounded Citations in Inspection

April 20, 2023

After the annual inspection at Granite Farms Estates, Brian Levesque, Executive Director of Normandy Farms Estates, took the time to review three citations he felt were unfounded and unreasonable. Once Brian deliberated over the citations, he turned to Anna Warheit to discuss his interpretation and any possible recourse they might have: “Although the inspection went relatively well, there were three deficiencies that we disagreed with,” Brian said. Recognizing that there was not a formal appeal process to go through, I reached out to Anna for assistance.” 


Anna encouraged him to start by contacting the licensing supervisor to share his concerns. The supervisor replied stating that two of the three citations would be withdrawn, but the third would stand, despite additional evidence and appeal from Brian. After the supervisor did not offer a satisfactory explanation or resolution, Anna stepped in and shared her interpretation of the relevant Interpretive Guidelines with a contact at the Department of Human Services (DHS) to raise concerns, seeking a reconsideration of the supervisor’s decision in light of their argument that the alleged citation was not properly investigated and not in line with the guidelines. These efforts ultimately led to the third citation being withdrawn! “Anna intervened and appealed to Jeanne Parisi, The Director of the Bureau of Human Services Licensing, on our behalf,” Brian stated. "Within a few short days, they agreed to remove the third violation!”  


Anna’s expertise and the relationships she has established at DHS allow her to provide valuable personal support to our members. “I’m grateful for the rapport I’ve been able to establish with leadership at DHS so that when issues like this arise," Anna shared. "I can use those relationships to reach out on behalf of members in a genuine way, and in this case, they agreed with our interpretation, and the citation was withdrawn.” 

“I can’t thank Anna enough for her work on this. We are fortunate to have Anna and LeadingAge PA working on our behalf.” – Brian Levesque, Executive Director, Normandy Farms Estates 

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