PAC-ing a Punch in 2023

July 20, 2023

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In the political universe, where battles for influence and power are waged, a group of warriors emerge, armed with their own unique set of skills and resources. They call themselves Political Action Committees (PACs), the unsung influencers of the political realm, quietly gaining strength from its supporters and PAC-ing a punch that can be felt across the political landscape. Join us as we dive into the world of our PAC with the purpose and determination to make a resounding impact on aging services.  


political action committee

LeadingAge PA’s vision is to serve as the preeminent advocate for facilitating change and inspiring its members to positively impact the field of aging services in Pennsylvania. The government affairs team has been fighting for our mission by advocating during this budget season for a $99 million investment for nursing facilities and a $9.26 million addition for LIFE to allow for a 5% rate increase in 2023-2024. Along with our chief government affairs officer, Chuck Quinnan, our director of legislative affairs, Austin Cawley, continues to meet with legislators to educate them on the importance of this funding and the positive impact it will have on the commonwealth’s seniors. So far this year, the team has met with over 75 legislators!  

As any warrior knows, it takes an abundance of resources to be successful. Financially supporting our legislative champions is and will always be a key component of an effective strategy. Did you know that the cost to run an effective campaign for a state representative can average $250,000 to a whopping $1 million? This may sound surprising for a campaign but keeping champions for aging services in office is very advantageous because they are a valuable resource to us. Financial support through LeadingAge PA PAC contributions is important because it allows us to maintain and foster new relationships, gain access to legislative leadership, and have greater influence in Harrisburg.  


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The LeadingAge PA PAC does not support candidates based on their political affiliation but on their record of support for the aging services industry and their role in the legislature. Legislators who serve in leadership positions not only set caucus policy and agendas, but they are also responsible for raising money to support their caucus. Contributing to leadership positions in the House and Senate shows LeadingAge PA’s support of the individual legislator and their leadership and helps key decision-makers maintain or grow their majorities.  

 “LeadingAge PA PAC has continued to grow into a formidable force since its founding just 7 years ago. Like all great strategies, it takes a multi-pronged approach and a constant barrage of advocacy to break through. Being able to leverage financial contributions along with our grassroots and in-person presence is the recipe for a winning advocacy strategy.” - Austin Cawley, director of legislative affairs  


This year, the LeadingAge PA Political Action Committee set a goal of $35,000. We are proud to announce that halfway through the year, we have raised over $20,000 and are only $15,000 away from meeting that goal! Thank you to all of our supporters who contributed at Annual Conference; we would not have been able to exceed our conference goal of $10,000 without you. 


Visit our Donate Now page to learn how you can contribute to the PAC--your support is greatly appreciated.  


As we eagerly await the final 2023-2024 PA state budget, be assured that LeadingAge PA and our legislative champions have been fighting hard to make sure we continue down the path towards a brighter future for aging services!